Qualified Masseur & Personal Trainer in Nairobi, Kenya


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About Me

I am a fully qualified (IIHHT) masseur and personal trainer working in the Nairobi area. I offer Full Body Massage and Sports Massage therapy, either at my clinic in Nairobi, South of Nairobi or in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like me to come to you I bring a massage table, music and massage oil, all that I ask you to provide is the towels (1 bath towel and 1 hand towel) and of course a music system for the CD.

What Does the Massage Consist Of?

Full Body Massage

Exactly what it says it is, 50mins- 1 hour of pure bliss. Allow yourself to unwind as I massage away the strains and tensions of today’s hectic lifestyle. All the massage techniques used for body massage will not only relax you, but also leave you with that tingly feel good factor!

Sports Massage

This form of massage helps to break down scar tissue and re-habilitate injured muscles. Most of the techniques penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and can be quite painful. It is probably best to combine this with some of the relaxing massage techniques used in body massage so that you don’t leave the clinic feeling worse than when you arrived!

Pricing & Availability

My usual charges are $50 – $100 if you come to my clinic or $60 to $120 if I come to you, depending upon the distance and the time of day.

(Prices are subject to change and the higher price applies if I am coming to you and you live further than 5 miles from my clinic).

I am available most daytimes and evenings except for Saturday evening and all day Sunday.


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  1. Hi… u sound just what the doctor ordered! How r u? How does one get in touch and make a booking pls? Lemme know. Thanks, Amit.


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