Our massage therapy philosophy

Human Touch is a necessity; like air and water – perhaps even more basic.          From the first moment out of the womb, we need this contact in order to feel and experience our wholeness.  The nurturing of our mothers touch is where we first feel connection, love, warmth, safety.  We are whole and complete when we are born, but also naked, vulnerable, and very needy.  A human child cannot be self-sufficient.  We truly need so much from the caregivers (adults) around us.  Food, shelter, warmth – all embodied in the touch of our mothers, or primary caregivers. And with a sufficient amount of love and nurturing, we grow up embracing our inherent wholeness and sufficiency.

When this touch is not sufficiently available, we grow up feeling incomplete, lacking, disconnected, incomplete.  Yet as adults we do not want to admit we are needy, so we tough it out.  And so often we resist what we really need – simple human touch.

Yes, Massage Therapy can help us with stress, strains, aches, pains, injuries and more.  But at it’s essence, the power of healing, all comes from something very basic, our birthright – human touch.


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