I studied massage therapy

I am greatly honored to be involved with one of the finest schools of Holistic Body Therapy in the world, the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City California.

I graduated from IPSB’s Massage Technician Training (level 1) in 1995, and then continued with their full Massage Therapist training, which in completed in 1997.  IPSB provided me a well rounded education, rooted in a deep holistic philosophy – we are treating a whole being, a human life, not just a “muscle” or “body”.  The IPSB education is also firmly grounded in science and practical knowledge, while also embracing the fullness of human energies.

In 1999 I had the opportunity to join the teaching staff at IPSB,  training with some of the best people in the field of Massage Education.  I soon began teaching my own classes, and continue at IPSB as a primary instructor in the Massage Technician Program.

I have worked with many good therapists, from many different schools, but in my experience, I honestly believe IPSB is the best choice if you are considering a career in Massage Therapy.

The course work at IPSB is also not just about treating clients, but very much about taking care of yourself as a therapist, and as a human being.  The programs, especially the Level 1, are beautiful personal growth experiences.  Whether you want to be a full time therapist, or want to simply learn the Art of Massage, there is nothing like the IPSB Experience.


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